Have you been considering hiring a web marketing and development firm to handle your search engine optimization (SEO) needs? You will notice there is a great deal of variety as far as what each agency offers in terms of SEO packages. However, there are certain deliverables you should insist upon before signing any contracts.

#1: Keyword Research, Prediction, Optimization, and Analysis

SEO is based on keyword searches, so it’s essential all of your ecommerce site’s webpages have strong keyword optimization. The only way to ensure your keyword optimization is accurate and reliable is through intensive research and monitoring.

Each web development and marketing firm will have its own unique way to monitor, assess, and deliver keywords for your website. You want to work with a company that understands how to dig deeper than just obtaining basic keywords you could probably come up with on your own. Additionally, you should regularly receive documentation and analysis on keyword performance, as well as recommended updates/changes.

#2: Ecommerce Site Evaluation, Analysis, Updating, and Reporting

To understand how to boost your ecommerce site’s SEO, a web development and marketing team must have a solid understanding of where you are when you start your partnership with them. They should spend time evaluating and analyzing your ecommerce site. Their results should be a culmination of suggestions supported by predictive numbers.

After SEO changes have been implemented, you should expect to get reports on your site’s performance. These reports may be challenging to read if you are unaccustomed to interpreting the data. A dynamic SEO package should include spending time updating you and explaining any reports regarding your site to you, such as Google traffic analyses and conversion tracking.

#3: Content Development, Creation, and Refreshing

As part of your SEO package, you will probably need significant updates to your webpages in the form of content development. A thorough web marketing and development program will offer content creation and placement for you. This saves you the time to write SEO-rich text that is readable, correctly optimized, and grammatically correct.

Of course, you should always have the final say in any copy that is placed on your ecommerce website. You ultimately know your business best, so always make sure you get to “yea” or “nay” any verbiage that goes out to your visitors.

If you plan on using internal staff members to create content, ask how this will work with a web development and marketing firm’s SEO program. Some firms are more flexible about who creates content — you or their own writers — than others.

#4: Setup of Google and Bing Tools

Google and Bing have a variety of tools, including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Bing Webmaster. These tools give a deep-down view of how your site is behaving as well as where you can make adjustments.

Even if you have already set up your Google Analytics, you may not be utilizing it fully. Your SEO program should include ways to help you use regular analytical feedback from the top search engines to your ongoing advantage.

#5: Site Error Corrections

Does your site contain errors, such as bad links or 404 error messages? A web development and marketing firm should assist you in freeing your ecommerce website from these problems. By removing the errors, you can significantly improve your organic search engine page rank results.

Not sure if you even have errors? Many firms can do a precursory search to tell you whether you’re in a trouble-spot. If you are, they may be able to remedy the situation faster than you could hope to do in-house using your own employees.

Other SEO Package and Program Offerings

Beyond the five notable SEO package elements above, there are others you’ll find in SEO programs such as:

  • Monthly and quarterly meetings
  • A dedicated SEO account representative
  • Social media platform management
  • Online influencer outreach
  • Guaranteed first-page rank of specific keywords
  • Shopping cart funnel analysis/recommendations


Will you pay for these services? Absolutely. But there’s nothing wrong with getting the most value you can for the money you invest. Your goal should be to have a tightly-run, SEO-powerful ecommerce site that performs at the highest levels possible.

What You Should Expect From an SEO Package for Your Ecommerce Site

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