WordPress has become the most popular platform to host, develop, and maintain a website. If you’ve used it to build a site of your own, you’ve made a great choice! WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems in the world, and its huge range of plugin options give your site limitless potential. With so many possibilities right at your fingertips, the site of your dream is only a few clicks away at any time. But there’s still one big question — once you have your site, how do you promote it? That’s why specialist WordPress SEO agencies have started selling services around the world. We’ve compiled the 35 best WordPress SEO agencies in this list. If you need a marketing partner to make the most of your promotional budget, start looking below!

Now that you’ve looked at our list, you’re at an excellent starting point to get your WordPress SEO partner.

We organized these agencies according to an objective list of criteria established by our in-house SEO experts. That means we judged them primarily on the results they’ve achieved for their past clients.

But those criteria may not be a perfect match for your business! After all, nobody knows your company better than you do.

That means our #17 agency might actually be your best fit! It could also be our #3 rank, or maybe even our #35.

Ultimately, you have to figure out who works best for you on your own. But thankfully, there’s a simple process to do just that!

How to Get the Right WordPress SEO Agency on Your Side

To start, use our list of the 35 best WordPress SEO agencies. We made this list to help narrow your search from a few hundred to a few dozen.

Take a birds-eye look of each agency by looking at their name, location, employee count, and pricing. Depending on what factor is most important to you, you can decide which agencies to

add to a short list of potential partners you want to investigate further.

Your short list should have between five and 15 agencies on it, though it’s common for some businesses to only have two or three options after the first step.

Next, you’re going to take a look at every agency’s website individually. For every candidate that made your short list, you want to take a closer look at them to help narrow your choices even further.

Start with an agency’s homepage. It should reflect modern web design elements like hero images, parallax scrolling, heading navigation, footer navigation, and an easy way to contact the agency itself.

Some agencies may miss a few of these elements, and that’s okay.

But if an agency is missing all of them, it’s a red flag. That means they don’t keep their own website up-to-date, so how much can you count on them to do the same for you?

Next, check out an agency’s About page. You should be able to learn a lot about an agency on that page, including bits about its work ethic, values, and attitude toward employees.

The more thorough an About page looks, the more you can trust an agency. That’s because saying more means they have less to hide — maybe even nothing!

Last, look for testimonials on an agency’s site. A good WordPress SEO agency should have 100 or more testimonials, although it’s common for decent agencies to have about 50.

Poor agencies don’t have any. They may also be young agencies who haven’t earned testimonials yet, but do you really want to trust your business in the hands of a new agency?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. But by the end of this step, you should have a list of two to five agencies that could work for your marketing needs.

Next, you want to see how each one of them stacks up in search results. Do some Google searches for their brand names, title tags (which you can find by hovering your cursor over their tab in your web browser), and relevant keywords.

Take note of how they show up in each search, especially when you use their brand name.

They should be #1 for most searches. That means they know how to use SEO really well, and they constantly work to improve themselves and their clients.

It also means the agency’s marketers stay up-to-date with current SEO trends that’ll translate to better rankings for you. Otherwise, the agency’s own site would fall low in search results.

If you can’t find an agency in search results for its brand or high-value keywords, scratch them off your list. You can’t trust an agency to perform SEO for you if they can’t do it for themselves!

Finally, it’s time to contact each agency that’s left on your list. You should only have about one to three agencies left, which makes them easier to track.

Ask a sales rep what they think you should do with your business model, goals, and marketing budget. They should have quick answers and recommend certain tactics that fall within your price range.

If a rep constantly tries to sell you the next big thing, they’re probably speaking to you just to earn a profit. Don’t be upsold if you have a limited budget — they should understand that!

At the end of the day, it’s important to go with your gut. Choose the agency that worked well with you and looks like they can do great things for your business.

Then, you just have to sign the papers, front the cash, and watch your business flourish online.

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