WooCommerce is one of the easiest ways to start an online retail store. With its simple user interface and huge range of options, WooCommerce gives you full control over your ecommerce company and how you present it to the world. But because WooCommerce is so specialized, it also takes a specialized set of skills to promote websites that are based on the WooCommerce content management system. That’s why we’ve created this list of the 35 best WooCommerce PPC agencies in the industry. With one of these agencies on your side, you can pursue any online paid advertising campaign to earn long-lasting, low-cost results that’ll help your company grow. If you’re ready to start earning more, this list is your best place to start.

WooCommerce empowers its users to new levels of growth by making it easy for anyone to start an ecommerce company.

Regardless of your industry, any retailer can profit from using WooCommerce — and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Just start a WordPress website, grab the WooCommerce plugin, and get to work!

But even though it’s easy to use, WooCommerce sites can be tricky to promote. That’s because WordPress simplifies the website creation and maintenance processes, but WooCommerce takes it another step further.

So as far as Google is concerned, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on with a WooCommerce site — even if it’s optimized for WordPress!

That’s why WooCommerce PPC agencies are a breath of fresh air to ecommerce companies like yours. They don’t rely on search engine optimization metrics to promote your site.

Instead, they spend your marketing budget on pay-per-click bids through Google, Facebook, and other outlets. That lets them reach hyper-targeted audiences that you know will want to shop at your website.

With the right WooCommerce PPC partner at your side, your business can earn more revenue than you may even expect.

But how do you choose that partner in the first place?

How to Get the Ideal WooCommerce PPC Agency

First, take a look at our list. Out team at Ecommerce Best SEO has spent a lot of time vetting each WooCommerce PPC agency we can find to make sure they’re the real deal.

That’s how we arrived at this list of the 35 best.

But still, no one knows your unique business quite like you. So our #1 pick may not be the perfect fit for your needs!

That’s why it’s so important for you to check out these agencies on your own. Are you most concerned with an agency’s size? Pricing? Location?

Take a look at the data we’ve laid out and come up with a short list of agencies you’d like to examine more closely.

Once you’re done, you should have between five and 15 agencies on that list.

Next, it’s time to look at each of their websites.

Check out an agency’s homepage first. How does the agency present itself? If their homepage looks outdated or if it doesn’t load quickly, they may not be up-to-date on current web design trends.

And if they can’t keep their own web design team up-to-date, can they really do it for your PPC campaigns?

If you have that question about any agency — or if their website just isn’t up to your standards — scratch them off your list and move onto your next agency!

You should also take a moment to look at each agency’s About page. Most agencies will have this page on their site because it gives them the ability to be transparent about their team, methods, and ideology.

An above-average About page will feature photos of happy employees participating in activities together. It’ll also include some kind of reference to a code of conduct, work ethic, or dedication on the agency’s part. It should also look 100% unique, meaning you shouldn’t be able to find the same text, photos, or layout anywhere else online.

If any of those criteria don’t meet your standards, don’t pursue that agency further! Happy employees mean they like their jobs, and that means they’ll work harder for you than disenchanted employees.

Plus, unique photos show that an agency actually cares about the culture and attitude of its team. If an agency is purely motivated by profit potential, the chances are high that they don’t care much about the morale of their employees. That means you spend a lot of money and get very little in terms of ROI.

If that’s the case for any agency, cross them off your list!

For the agencies that meet your standards, look at their Testimonial pages.

Most WooCommerce PPC agencies have testimonials about the work they’ve done from previous or current clients. That gives you the chance to hear about how hard they work and the results they earn on a regular basis.

An outstanding agency will have 300 or more testimonials. A good one will have about 100, and a decent one will have around 50.

If an agency has 10 or fewer — including zero — then it’s possible they’re either new or they just haven’t earned testimonials yet. Either way, they’re probably not a safe bet for your WooCommerce PPC campaign.

With all of that done, you should have a final list of between two and five agencies.

Contact each of them directly and discuss your business, industry, and goals.

If an agency tries to upsell you at every turn, you know they’re not for you.

If an agency listens to you and makes recommendations for services based on your budget, then you know you’ve found a good partner!

Go with your gut and choose the agency that feels like the best fit for your marketing needs.

With the right WooCommerce PPC agency on your side, you unlock the potential for your future growth. The sky is the limit!

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