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SEO is the cornerstone of a successful small or medium business. SEO is typically the first initiative these companies take into online marketing, and for good reason — it gets exceptional results. Even when those results take a year or longer to earn, small businesses can enjoy them day after day. They can earn passive leads, reach new customers, outdo their competitors, and grow beyond their highest expectations. All things considered, it’s actually surprising that some small businesses don’t use SEO!

The Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Small business SEO is one of the most important marketing niches in the world. SEO allows small businesses to reach more people, earn more customers, and steadily grow year after year.

SEO is so effective at achieving long-term results that many companies choose to use it as their first online strategy ever. This is also a smart move in terms of building toward long-term company goals because SEO forms the foundation of Internet marketing and gives businesses an unbeatable jumping-off point for future success.

But there’s just one problem — where do you start?

We compiled this list of the 35 best small business SEO agencies to answer that question. With our list, you can start looking at SEO providers that’ll complement your overall business goals and work with you to achieve long-term results.

With that in mind, the only question you have to answer is “who do I choose?”

How to pick your small business SEO agency

Our list of the 35 best SMB SEO agencies is a great place to start your search for a marketing partner.

But our #1 ranked spot still may not be the ideal fit for your business!

That’s because nobody knows your business better than you. You don’t just want top-notch results — you also want a small business SEO agency that’ll work well with your company for years to come.

The average SEO contract lasts about a year anyway. The last thing any business wants is to work with an agency that doesn’t get along with them.

So with that in mind, you have to do some homework to find a high-quality, agreeable SEO agency that’ll work for you.

Start with our list. Go through and look up agencies that sound good to you and add them to a short list. If you don’t like something about an agency, skip over them.

After that, you can check out each agency’s website for more information. The most important part of an agency’s website are its homepage, About page, Portfolio page, and Testimonial page.

The homepage is important because it’s the most attractive and engaging page on any website. If an agency’s site doesn’t have a compelling homepage, it’s a good indication that they may not be able to make a great homepage for your business.

Also take a moment to look at their homepage URL. It should just be the agency’s brand and maybe a few extra words about marketing or SEO.

If it includes backslashes or ends in “.html,” that’s a good indication that an agency has changed its homepage and improperly redirected it. Redirecting is a technical process, and if an agency can’t do it for themselves, they probably can’t do it for you.

Next, check out the agency’s About page. This page will have a lot of information about the company itself, including its age, location, and team.

Some agencies don’t talk about their age. That’s usually an indication that they’re a new company, which isn’t necessarily bad, but may indicate low experience levels among its staff.

Some agencies also may not list their location or address, which is a bad SEO practice. Every agency should have its name, address, and phone number listed on its pages. That’s an essential part of SEO, and if they’re skipping that, what else are they skipping?

You should also read about the agency’s team. Any amount of information about them including team size and individual bios is important. The more an agency says, the less it has to hide.

Third, check out an agency’s Portfolio page. This page will have all of their past work, which they should show with pride.

If an agency doesn’t have a portfolio page, question whether they have the talent to produce proud results. If they don’t want to show their clients on their own site, how good of a job can they really do for you?

Last, look for a Testimonial page on an agency’s site. These pages reflect the overall attitude of an agency’s clients.

If an agency doesn’t have testimonials, it’s a big red flag that they don’t go above and beyond for their clients.

If they do have testimonials, look at how many they have. Be critical. If they only have three or four testimonials, how much experience does the agency have? Does anyone featured on the testimonial page share a last name with an employee?

These are all red flags that could indicate low experience, family relation among businesses, and other flaws that lead to a poor SEO experience.

After you’ve looked at all those pages, it’s time to contact the remaining small business SEO agencies on your list!

Get in touch with each one and discuss your marketing goals. If you butt heads with an agency right off the bat, scratch them off your list. If you get along swimmingly, then move forward with them.

This is important because if clash with an agency right away, you probably won’t have a constructive relationship over the duration of your SEO contract. Again, that averages a year, and it can sometimes go even longer.

So choose carefully. And once you do, you’ll have an excellent marketing partner that can earn excellent results for your business year after year.

SEMrush is supported by ads and affiliate partnerships

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