Magento is one of the most popular and useful ecommerce platforms online. It’s the engine behind thousands of ecommerce companies, and it empowers them to succeed and grow on all levels. Plus, Magento is incredibly easy to use, so anyone can set up a website — even if they’ve never made a website in their lives! But creating a website isn’t enough to get customers and grow a business. You also need search engine optimization to get your website in Google search results! That’s why we at Ecommerce Best SEO created this ranking list of the 35 best Magento SEO companies in the world. We objectively evaluated each of these agencies to ensure they have the manpower and credibility behind them to stand at the top of the industry. Now, all you have to do is look!

Over the past few years, Magento has become one of the most popular ways for any ecommerce company to sell online.

It makes sense, too! Magento is fast, easy, and affordable. It breaks down the process of creating a website into more manageable and understandable pieces so that anyone can do it — even if it’s your first time making a website!

But because Magento changes the website creation process, it also changes optimization. That means you can’t just optimize your Magento ecommerce website the same way you could with a from-scratch site.

Instead, you need specialized Magento strategies that’ll deliver results for you day after day.

And the best way to get those is through a Magento SEO agency!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 35 best Magento SEO providers. If you want to find an agency that’ll work well with your website, this is the place to start.

But you still have some work ahead of you. Nobody knows your business better than you, and that means you’re the best person to decide your marketing partner.

That takes research, time, and more effort than a lot of business owners want to invest in just finding the right SEO agency.

But a year from now when you’re looking at the hard-earned results of your agency’s tailor-made plan for you, you’ll be glad to took the time to look them up.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can find the Magento SEO agency that’s right for you.

Discovering Your Ideal Magento SEO Partner

Your ecommerce business requires a unique touch, and not just because it’s built on Magento. That means you need a marketing agency that understands the intricacies of your customer base just like you.

(At the very least, you need an SEO agency that’s willing to learn your customer base.)

You can start by looking at our list and checking out which Magento SEO agencies sound good to you.

Are you looking for names you recognize? Locations close to you? Price?

All of those are listed in our ranking, and we’ve done our homework to make sure they’re accurate. All that’s left is for you to pick the agencies that look good to you!

Add those to a “short list” of candidates that you think look good enough for more research. Then, you can check out the website of each agency on that list.

Once you’re on an agency’s site, you can look at whatever you’d like to get acquainted with that agency and understand them better. We highly recommend looking at the About page and Testimonial page of each agency.

The About page tells you a lot about the company and how it operates internally. There should be information on the agency’s culture, employees, and the benefits of working there.

That’s because an About page is as much for potential clients (you) as it is for potential employees! Whenever an agency makes an About page, they put their best foot forward to get as many high-value clients and team members as they possibly can.

Look around to see if they say anything about ethics, values, morale, and other indicators of a top-notch firm. If they mention any of those things, then you can trust that the agency has put a lot of thought into how they run and how they present themselves.

Both of those are great signs for you as a client. When an agency focuses on making its employees happy, you can be sure those employees will be happier to be at work. That means you get their A game every day — or at least much more frequently than an agency that doesn’t care about employee morale.

After you’re done with the About page, look around for a Testimonials page.

This page will have all of the positive reviews from past and current clients that want to say something good about the agency.

Sometimes, an agency may not have a Testimonials page. That could be because they’re a newer firm and they don’t have the client base to show off a lot of testimonials.

It could also mean the agency doesn’t ask for testimonials since that could inconvenience their clients’ work days.

In that regard, it’s usually okay if an agency doesn’t have a Testimonials page.

On the other hand, it’s much more suspicious if an agency only has one or two testimonials. Again, this could mean the agency is young, but if it’s not, it means the agency hasn’t received a lot of positive feedback.

Look on Yelp and other review sites to see what others have to say about an agency. If there’s nothing good, consider scratching that agency off your list.

Finally, you should have your shortest list of a handful of agencies.

Contact these agencies directly and talk about your business, your goals, and how you want the agency to help.

If they’re understandable and cordial on the phone, you know you’ve found a decent agency.

If they’re disagreeable, abrupt, or rude, you can safely cross that agency off your list.

Spend some more time talking to agencies to narrow down your final choice.

And once you have it, start your SEO strategy to help your Magento ecommerce company grow.

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