Since 2008, Magento has been one of the most reliable and intuitive content management systems for anyone who wants to create a great-looking, high-functioning website. Whether you work in ecommerce sales or lead generation, Magento’s adaptive options empower any user to grow a business through the use of a website. But there’s a catch to all of that usability — the unique infrastructure of a Magento website requires a unique skill set to promote it. That’s why we created this list of the top 35 best PPC agencies that specialize in Magento websites. These agencies have spent so much time and energy working with Magento that they’ve become CMS experts who know the ideal ways to promote Magento sites. If you use Magento for your company’s website, check out our list below to find your ideal PPC partner!

With so many companies using Magento to build their websites, it makes sense that there would be a lot of agencies specializing in Magento pay-per-click advertising.

That means your company has a lot of options when it comes to a marketing partner. On the other hand, it’s possible to have too many options.

You don’t want to spend hour after hour evaluating possible PPC partners at random, and if you’re new to PPC, it’s hard to judge which agency can help you in the first place.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 35 best Magento PPC agencies in the world.

Our team has objectively evaluated as many legitimate Magento PPC agencies that we could find. With our combined background in Internet marketing, we’ve judged these 35 agencies to be the best in the world.

But our judgment of these agencies may not match 100% with your company’s specific needs.

That means you still have a little bit of work to do when it comes to these agencies. It also begs one big question — how do you choose the right PPC agency for your needs?

Selecting Your Magento PPC Agency

The first step to finding your ideal Magento PPC partner is to lay out the criteria you most want in an agency.

Do you want a partner that’s geographically close to you? Do you want an agency with a lot of employees? Or is price the most important part for you?

We’ve laid out all that information in the list above. With your priorities in order, you can create a short list with five to 15 agencies on it.

Then, you’re ready for the next step!

Check out the website of each agency on your short list. Their websites play a vital role in your choice of which Magento PPC agency to ultimately choose.

There are three main pages that speak to a PPC agency’s capabilities — the homepage, About page, and Testimonial page.

The homepage is important because it shows how the agency presents itself to the world. Even though they specialize in PPC, they should still have a modern-looking website with easy navigation, intuitive use, and other current web design elements.

If you find an agency whose website looks like it’s from 1995, scratch them off your list! A poor website indicates that an agency doesn’t keep up with current web design trends, which means they probably don’t keep up with PPC trends either.

With that page done, check out the About page of every agency.

The About page gives you a glimpse into an agency’s inner-workings. The more an agency says about itself, the more confident you can feel in their capabilities.

After all, the more they say, the less they have to hide!

About pages should have images of happy employees, modern facilities, and even short bios about key team members.

If they use stock photos and spend little time explaining themselves, scratch that agency off your short list. An agency that doesn’t explain itself may not have the pride or self-satisfaction that you’d need from a hard-working, results-oriented agency.

Next, check out an agency’s Testimonial page.

This page will show you what an agency’s clients have to say about it. Lots of testimonials mean an agency has experience in going above and beyond for its clients.

That’s because testimonials are hard to earn. You have to prove to a client that you can deliver everything they want and then some!

If an agency doesn’t have any testimonials, consider looking elsewhere. If they only have a few, it’s possible that they just got testimonials from people close to them to look legitimate.

But if an agency has 100 or more testimonials, you know they’re experienced in doing good work.

With all of this done, your short list should have between two and five agencies for your next step. Now, it’s time to contact each of them directly.

Talk to their representatives about what you want for your business, how you’d like to achieve it, and how much you have to budget.

If an agency listens to you intently, you know they care about your results specifically.

If they keep trying to upsell you or recommend strategies beyond your budget, you know they’re only in it for the dollar.

The important part here is to go with your gut. If you’re comfortable with an agency, move forward with them.

If you’re not, then don’t start a contract.

Even if it means starting over from square one with your search, it’s always better to find an agency you like than to be locked into a year-long contract with an agency you can’t stand!

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