Joomla is one of the most popular website platforms in the world. But when you use it, you need a specialized search engine optimization strategy to really succeed. That’s because Joomla is unique, and the way it works with Google (and other search engines) is unique, too. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 35 best Joomla SEO agencies for ecommerce companies. In this list, you’ll find agencies that specialize in Joomla ecommerce website, earning more traffic, sales, and revenue for their clients. With that kind of promise, all you have to do is decide which Joomla SEO agency you’ll use!

Joomla is one of the best ways you can start, maintain, and grow an ecommerce company.

With so many extensions and options right at your fingertips, anyone can create a functional ecommerce business with Joomla — even if you’ve never made a website before!

But making a website is only part of the uphill battle required to grow a company. Online, you also need search engine optimization.

SEO gets your website in Google search results and other valuable places, enabling your customers to find you whenever they’re looking for information or products in your industry.

In other words, if you’re not using SEO, you’re losing business by the day!

All of the above Joomla SEO agencies have the potential to turn that around for you. With their help, you can start earning new customers and scale your business to new levels of growth.

But before you do that, you have to pick the agency that’s right for you!

Selecting a Joomla SEO Partner for Your Ecommerce Company

Picking your Joomla SEO partner requires some research. We’ve taken the first step with our list of the 35 best in the industry, but this is just where your search begins!

We encourage all of our users to create a “short list” of the Joomla SEO agencies that they think look like good fits for their ecommerce companies.

If you recognize a brand name, add it to your list! Or if you notice an agency near you, look into them more!

For the agencies that don’t grab your attention, scratch them off. You should ideally end with a list of 5-10 agencies that might work for your business.

But now that you have that list, it’s time to narrow your search even more!

You can start doing this by going to every agency’s website. There, you can spend some time looking around and getting a feel for how an agency works.

Still, some pages of that website are more important than others. You should take a long look at an agency’s blog, About page, and Testimonials page.

These three parts of an agency’s site will tell you a lot about what you can expect from them.

The blog is where an agency will write about industry topics and publish any proprietary studies they’ve done.

That’s a wide range of topics. They could include anything from Joomla advice to recent Joomla updates or even commentary on the SEO industry in general.

Regardless, it’s a good sign if you see that an agency updates its blog regularly. Most shoot for about once a week, but larger agencies may do two or three times a week. Even bigger agencies might update every day!

But if an agency has a lot of holes in its publication schedule — like a month where they didn’t publish anything — that could point to a few red flags. It might mean the agency fell on hard times for a while, it could mean they lost their primary writer at some point, or it could point to any other possible problems.

Regardless of the truth, a gap in blog publication isn’t a good sign.

Next, check out the About page of an agency. This page will have lots of information about an agency’s employees, culture, and values.

Look to see how people appear in photos. If they look happy, that’s great! That means they probably like their jobs and their work, so they’ll do great things for you.

If they look miserable, scratch that agency off your list immediately. Or if an agency doesn’t have any photos, consider whether you can trust a marketing partner that doesn’t show any of its staff.

Value statements, videos, and other parts of an About page are great resources to help your decision, too. If the page looks like an agency is being up front and open with you, then move forward with them!

Third, look at an agency’s Testimonials page. If an agency doesn’t have one of these, question whether you should work with them. Even though it’s hard to get good reviews, every agency should have at least a few that demonstrate why they’re worth payment.

An excellent agency will have more than 100 testimonials on a page. A good agency will have anywhere from 10 to 100. An okay agency will have a few, and a bad agency won’t have any (or only negative reviews).

With all of that in mind, it’s finally time to contact the few agencies that made it through your short list.

Chat with their sales reps and get an idea for how your company and their agency would work together.

If you like the conversation, consider setting up a plan and closing a deal!

If you’re put off by something, then move on with another agency.

Remember — an SEO contract can last more than a year. You don’t want to be stuck with an agency that doesn’t work well with you for an entire year.

Instead, choose the agency that fits your values and business.

You’ll be happy you did when you see the results!

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