Joomla is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use content management systems in the world. But because it’s a CMS, Joomla is ultra-specialized to fine-tune the experience of users like you. That’s why you need a specialist PPC agency to promote your Joomla website in search engines, social networks, and more. These agencies understand the intricacies of Joomla and what makes it unique, which also helps them understand your website. That means they’ll be able to get a grasp of your business, your goals, and your expectations all from the CMS you use. Check out our list of the 35 best Joomla PPC agencies to find one that’ll help your business grow!

Joomla is well-known for its user-friendly interface and simple method of creating a website.

If you’ve built your website on Joomla, you know you’ve made a smart choice for your business. Whether you want to earn retail sales or new leads for your business, Joomla is one of the best ways you can do it.

And considering how cost-effective it is, it’s a wonder most business owners don’t use Joomla for their company websites!

But there’s a catch to all this simplicity — Joomla requires a specialized set of knowledge and skills to make the most of your business potential.

That’s why Joomla PPC agencies are so important to the growth of businesses like yours.

With PPC, an agency can earn quick, targeted results for your business to help you achieve short-term goals. That agency can also use any number of customization options to change when your ads appear, who sees them, and how much you pay for them.

That’s a lot of control over your marketing budget. When you trust it in the hands of the right agency, they can work wonders for your brand.

But there’s just one problem — how do you pick a Joomla PPC agency in the first place?

Picking Your Joomla PPC Agency

At Ecommerce Best SEO, we made this list of the 35 best Joomla PPC agencies because we want to help businesses like yours break into online marketing.

We’ve objectively evaluated hundreds of companies, but these 35 stand out as the best of the best.

But still, nobody knows your business as well as you. That means our #1 pick for the best Joomla PPC agency may not be the best fit for your business.

In fact, your best fit may be #35!

That’s why it’s so important for you to do a little homework before selecting the PPC partner for your business’s future.

To start, just look at our list! We’ve included information like location, price range, and agency size so you can take a birds-eye look at every agency to see if they meet your expectations.

When they do, add an agency to a short list of five to 15 agencies that you want to examine more closely.

Once that list is filled, it’s time to start looking at agency websites.

Go to the website of every agency on your list. Once you’re there, take a look at their homepage, About page, and Testimonial page.

Their homepage is important because it shows how the agency chooses to present itself to potential clients like you.

If the homepage looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1996, you can safely scratch that agency off your list. After all, if they haven’t updated their own marketing strategy in 20 years, what can they really do for your PPC options?

On the other hand, a modern-looking homepage is a great sign. That means the agency keeps up-to-date with web design and development principles. That may not apply directly to PPC, but it does apply to the attitude and values of that agency as a whole.

If they strive for excellence themselves, then they’ll probably do the same for you!

After you check out an agency’s homepage, look for their About page.

The About page of a company will talk about the company’s values, how they operate, when they were founded, and more.

This is great insight into who the agency is and how they function day-to-day.

If you see lots of photos of smiling employees and a sophisticated work setting, you know you’ve found an agency that respects its team members. That’s important because happy employees are productive employees, and that translates into a better ROI for you!

On the flip side, an absence of photos or the use of generic stock photos are both red flags. Why wouldn’t an agency want to post photos of their own employees? It’s just a fishy situation.

Finally, look for a Testimonial page.

A good agency will have between 50 and 100 testimonials. A great agency will have more than 100, and an excellent agency will have more than 300.

Agencies with no testimonials are either brand new or low-performing.

It’s hard to earn good reviews — especially testimonials to put on your website. But having none at all means that agency hasn’t gone above and beyond for any of their clients.

Worse yet, it could mean they’ve never had the chance.

Once you’ve looked at each agency’s website, you should have a list of between three and five agencies you’d like to contact.

Contact each one of them directly to learn more about their services, pricing, and how they can help you.

If you butt heads with an agency’s representative right off the bat, scratch them off your list. You’ll probably be in a PPC contract for close to a full year. You don’t want the stress of a disagreeable marketing partner on your shoulders for 12 whole months!

If you get along with an agency’s rep, that’s a great sign. Ask what they recommend for your goals and budget, and take note if they get too pushy about upselling.

Once you’ve found an agency that makes you comfortable, you’re good to go! Just front the cash and watch the new customers roll in.

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