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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for ecommerce companies to generate leads and earn long-term customers. With email, you can stay on your customers’ minds 24/7 by sending them targeted messages with links back to your site and incentives to buy. A good email marketing strategy can make the difference between an okay ecommerce company and a thriving one. But there’s just one problem — who can you trust with such an important task? Check out our list below to find the answer!

Best Email Marketing Companies for Ecommerce

Email marketing has the potential to earn more than 4,000% ROI for every business that uses it in the long run.

That means the longer you use email marketing, the higher ROI you receive.

That’s similar to other online marketing strategies like SEO where you earn compounding results depending on how long you use them. But with email marketing, you’re not looking to rank on Google — you’re looking to attract new leads on your own site.

How to Get an Email Marketing Agency

Any kind of ecommerce company can use email marketing, including B2C, B2B, and B2G.

For every company, the objective is to get more sales. Sending email blasts of coupon codes and other promotions is the most common method of engaging email recipients.

But email marketing agencies — like the ones on this list — have been innovating on the concept of email marketing for years now. Coupon codes and promotions are only the tip of the iceberg, and your business can utilize thousands of other opportunities to earn new customers.

Want to host a contest? Encourage your email recipients to participate, post the results on social media, and enjoy the results as you build your brand on multiple marketing platforms at once.

Want to talk up an event you’re sponsoring? Send invitations to your email lists and include ways they can get tickets.

Want to give away helpful information? Type it up, design it well, and send it out!

All of these methods have helped ecommerce companies earn new customers via email. Individual agencies may have specialties with different forms of email marketing, and they may even have their own initiatives that they keep secret so their competitors can’t use them.

Regardless, all of the 35 agencies listed above would make an excellent email marketing partner for your business. If you want to know more about one in particular, just go to their website and read as much as you can.

Look for portfolio links, client testimonials, employee bios, and other key indicators of an agency’s continued success. The best agencies will have more than 100 testimonials along with an extensive portfolio of email messages they’ve sent in the past. Also take some time to look up their employees just to familiarize yourself with the agency.

Less reliable agencies will only have a few testimonials, a short portfolio, and no information about their team.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that an agency is a bad choice just because its website is smaller than another agency. But it’s certainly a red flag when you want to move forward with your first email marketing campaign.

Regardless, choosing an agency requires you to go with your gut, especially when you’re looking at potential partners for the first time. If an agency doesn’t “feel” right, then don’t worry about them — move onto the next agency!

When you have a short list of email marketing agencies you like, get in direct contact with them to talk about your plans. This conversation shouldn’t come with any fees or strings attached. If it does, scratch that agency off your list.

During that conversation, talk about your company’s goals and what you hope email marketing will achieve for you. That’ll give the agency a better idea of how they fit into your company as a whole.

In addition, it’ll give them the chance to recommend different strategies that you can utilize to get the best possible success.

This may sound like upselling, and that could be true for many agencies in the industry. But for the most part, an agency won’t try to upsell you during the initial conversation.

Instead, they’ll discuss the ideas they have for your success. You’re always free to accept and turn down the strategies you want, especially when you compare them to your marketing budget, but you should also listen to the advice of an agency. They may be trying to sell you something, but they’re also the experts in an industry.

Don’t settle for talking to just one agency, either. Talk to as many as you want to get an idea of what they suggest and what they’d like to do. If multiple agencies suggest the same marketing strategies for your business, you know they’re probably onto something.

If every agency suggest something different, it might be better to do some homework and find objective sources on the email marketing strategies that are right for you.

When you’re done researching, get back in touch with the agency you like best. Start a contract with them, work closely with them, and earn the revenue your business needs to grow — all through email!

SEMrush is supported by ads and affiliate partnerships

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