BigCommerce is one of the most common ecommerce platforms in the world. If you’re looking to earn more customers for your site, you need to promote it in a cost-effective, efficient way. That’s where BigCommerce PPC comes into play. By combining the BigCommerce platform with pay-per-click advertising, you can get hundreds of new customers and boost your revenue while another company does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is pick an agency, sign the papers, and get started!

When you want to sell online, your business needs the best ecommerce provider to stay ahead of your competitors.

Luckily, BigCommerce provides that exact advantage. In fact, if you’ve started using BigCommerce already, then you know just how easily it streamlines the ecommerce process once you have customers on your site.

But what about getting those customers to your site? And SEO isn’t an option for newer companies that need results ASAP to avoid sinking deeper into the red.

That’s where BigCommerce PPC comes into play.

With a PPC agency that specializes in BigCommerce, you can advertise your company’s products for little investment and a huge potential for payout.

You’ll outrank competitors that only use SEO for their marketing, and you can outbid the competitors that use PPC as well.

Even if you don’t have much of a budget for marketing, a BigCommerce PPC agency can help a struggling business thrive.

Better yet, it can help thriving businesses dominate their markets.

But there’s still one problem — how do you choose a BigCommerce PPC agency specifically for your company?

How to Choose Your BigCommerce PPC Agency

Pay-per-click advertising is incredibly competitive, especially when it comes to ecommerce. So if you run a business on the BigCommerce platform, you need to know that they’ll keep you competitive all day, every day.

But how can you evaluate that before you partner with an agency?

That’s why we created this list.

To start evaluating different agencies, check out the 35 best we’ve ranked. This list of 35 is the ideal starting point since it gives you plenty of options you can examine at a glance.

What’s most important to your business? The size of an agency? Its location? Its pricing?

Consider those priorities for yourself before moving forward. After all, no one knows your business as well as you do!

Once you’ve established that, look at those qualities for each agency on our list. Depending on your priorities, you may find that you’re a better fit with #30 than #1 — and that’s totally normal!

Our evaluation process looks at agencies as objectively as possible so that we treat them on a level playing field. But the conditions of your business means you want an agency that’s best for you — and that means our rankings won’t be 100% accurate to your needs!

In that regard, just use this list as a jumping off point. Write down the agencies that catch your attention onto a short list with five to 15 companies. Once you have that, you can move forward.

Now that you have your short list, you can look more closely at each agency. Go to their websites and examine a few key pages to determine if an agency is worth your time.

These pages are the homepage, About page, and Testimonials page.

The homepage is important because you get to see how an agency presents itself professionally to other clients. If their homepage looks old, dull, or generally poor, that’s a good indication that the agency has fallen behind modern design trends.

And if they’ve fallen behind modern trends, can they really help you achieve success?

Once you’ve looked at their homepage, locate each agency’s About page.

This page will have information on the agency itself, including its employees. In general, you want to find an agency that has a lot of information about themselves, their team, and their values. The more an agency says about itself, the less they have to hide!

Plus, this page will give you an idea of how an agency treats its employees. If you see lots of smiles and activity, then their employees are happy with their work. That means they’ll work harder for you, and they’ll probably be more pleasant as you work out your BigCommerce PPC strategy.

Last, most agencies have Testimonial pages. These pages are important because they show you what an agency’s clients say. In addition, each testimonial is an achievement for that agency because it’s much, much harder to earn positive reviews from clients than negative ones.

As the old saying goes: If you make someone happy, they’ll tell 10 people; if you make someone angry, they’ll tell 100.

A good agency will have 10-50 testimonials. A great one will have up to 100. The best in the industry will have more than 100.

Once you’ve found all of these pages, cross off the agencies that don’t meet your criteria. Go with your gut as you prune your selections. At this stage, there are no wrong answers!

Finally, it’s time for you to contact the remaining agencies on your list. You only want to do this with three to five agencies at a time. Otherwise, you’ll be on the phone nonstop.

Get a feel for an agency as you speak to them. Do they have their own ideas about what you should do? Do they seem to force them on you? Are they yes-men who just want to lock you into a contract?

Again, go with your gut. When you’ve run a business to the point that you want a PPC provider, you know you’re good at making right decisions. Find the few agencies that feel right with you and ask about pricing.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

Once you’re down to your ideal agency, connect with them and get started with your strategy. All you have to do is front the cash — they’ll take care of the rest!

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