Have you already added the WooCommerce SEO plugin to your WordPress-based ecommerce site, or are you just thinking about doing it? Regardless, you should know how to make the most of your search engine optimization (SEO) through this nifty piece of software.

Most ecommerce sites neglect to utilize several aspects of the WooCommerce SEO plugin, which works in tandem with WooCommerce and the standard WordPress SEO plugin. Don’t let that happen to you. Try these tips to become SEO stronger:

  1. Boost Your Authority and Recognition on Twitter

The WooCommerce SEO plugin allows you to more easily capture attention using Twitter Cards, a form of advertising on the Twitter social media platform. With your new plugin, you’ll be able to create Product Cards, which Twitter uses for promotional purposes. This helps your SEO in numerous ways:

  • You’ll Be Getting Links Back to Your Site. Links are always golden in the eyes of search engine crawlers, and they can help you improve your search engine page ranks for certain keywords.
  • You’ll Position Your Ecommerce Site as a Must-See Location. When your Twitter Product Cards start appearing repeatedly in a Twitter user’s feed, there’s a higher chance you’ll eventually get some interest.
  • You’ll Increase Social Sharing of Your Products. It’s always better to have other people talk about your product than to do all the talking yourself. A Twitter Product Card is a perfect way to get the ball rolling.

As you construct Twitter Product Cards, remember that you’ll have the ability to list the most important two data points pertaining to your product, product category, or ecommerce site. Choose the data points that are most relevant. This could mean choosing the price and the stock level, the size and shipping information, or other data.

You can also add an image to your Twitter Product Card thanks to the WooCommerce SEO plugin. This enables you to create a more streamlined, professional Twitter Product Card than you can with the WordPress SEO plugin alone.

  1. Give More Information to Search Engines on How to Index Your Ecommerce Site.

Another WooCommerce SEO plugin option is to provide more branding and manufacturer-related information in the backend of your ecommerce store. With the plugin, you can go into greater depth on the brand and manufacturer descriptions on every product page. Although shoppers won’t see this information, search engine crawlers will use it to more appropriately index and rank your product page.

All the information you input will also be used by Schema.org or OpenGraph, two of the most common platforms, when your product page link is shared. For instance, if a social media user shares a page, the product information you included about the brand and manufacturer will boost the visual interest of the shared link.

  1. Have More Control Over Your Breadcrumbs

Are you currently using a WordPress SEO plugin for your breadcrumbs? The addition of the WooCommerce SEO plugin will give you alternate means to control the showcasing of those breadcrumbs.

If this is too advanced for your current team members or you aren’t familiar with the way breadcrumbs work from an SEO perspective, it’s worth doing a little research. Breadcrumbs are just another way for search engines to get to know your ecommerce site better and to properly index your pages.

Is the WooCommerce SEO Plugin Right for You?

One of the benefits of the WooCommerce SEO plugin might be its affordable price tag. At well under $50, it’s a useful product that can help give you an extra optimization push. In a world of competitive ecommerce, that’s an investment worth considering.

SEO for WooCommerce Plugin

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