Ecommerce is about selling. The more you sell, the better.

Content marketing is about building authority and engagement. Higher sales are the end goal, but they don’t happen overnight.

Does that mean content marketing has no place on an ecommerce site?

Not at all — in fact, a good content marketing strategy will boost sales and customer loyalty for any ecommerce site.

People are already on your site, so they’re already considering buying your products. High-quality content in a variety of formats, like the ones listed below, could turn a typical browser into a paying customer.

How-to videos

Some products are easy to use, but others require instruction. If a product is complicated, it may scare off some customers from buying it.

By posting how-to videos with clear tutorials on how to set up, install, or use certain products, you make those products less intimidating and make customers more likely to buy them.

Other products don’t need instruction, but they can still break. Include videos showing how to troubleshoot common problems. This extends the life of your product and trust in your business.

Product recommendation quizzes

The popularity of quizzes is apparent if you spend any time on social media.

At this moment, millions of people are taking quizzes to determine which state they should live in or what type of spirit animal they have. You can use this format to guide people to the right product for their specific needs — and keep them on your site longer.

Clothing retailers can post quizzes with titles like “Which Dress Fits the Occasion?” or “What’s Your Fashion Style?” Hardware sites can create quizzes that help customers find the best tools for their particular home repair projects. Quizzes on furniture sites could help people find the right piece for a living room or bedroom.

As long as you have lots of merchandise to offer, there’s no shortage of quiz topics.

Trend blogs and infographics

How have reading habits changed over the past 20 years? To what degree is technology going to evolve over the next decade? Are hemlines going up or down this summer?

Create blogs and infographics showing your customers what to expect, and they’ll see your site as a place to buy what they need — not to mention as a trusted authority.

You can look at content from industry insiders for tips on what’s hot, or you can look at your own sales reports to see what people are buying.

Write about all of it, using a mix of blogs and infographics to convey the message to potential customers.

User-generated content

Your customers will always be your best advocates.

If people are happy with your products and services, other people will take notice and eventually consider trying them as well. What better way to show visitors how happy your customers are than by posting videos and blogs created by the customers themselves?

Customers may post reviews of your products on their blogs or social media profiles. These posts can bring traffic, but you want visitors to see this content on your site.

Create a page where customers can post their photos and videos, and give them an incentive to post. Give coupons to everyone who contributes or hold a contest where everyone who posts is entered into a drawing for a big prize.

Your retail site needs a competitive edge to stand out from the competition. With the right content marketing strategy, you’ll not only increase sales and revenues — you’ll also develop a trustworthy voice that makes customers want to buy from you again and again.

How Your Ecommerce Site Can Use Content Marketing to Grow

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