Your ecommerce site has one purpose: to help you sell products online. In order to move ahead of your competitor’s websites, you need to use all the options at your fingertips, including selling via social media platforms. If you’ve been looking for a guide on marketing your ecommerce site through social media, consider implementing the following suggestions for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Buy PPC Ads on Social Media Sites

PPC, or pay-per-click, advertisements are among the most cost-effective ways to get yourself seen on the web. Many social media sites have monetized their platforms by offering PPC ads, including Facebook and LinkedIn. One of the biggest advantages to buying PPC ads on social media is the ability to deeply target your audience. For instance, in some cases, you can pinpoint the people who will see your ads, such as new moms in their 30s with certain education and income levels.

After initiating your PPC ads on social media, be sure to analyze them regularly to see how they’re performing. Most PPC ads can be altered during campaigns, giving you the freedom to tweak the parameters to get better traction. If you’re not 100 percent confident in buying up PPC ads on social media, turn to a trusted web marketing company to help.

Keep the Communication Flowing on Your Pages

Are you keeping up with all your social media pages, or do you just add something once in a while? Social media is an extremely here-and-now forum, so it’s important to spend time staying in touch with your followers and viewers. While it’s fine to talk about exciting new products you’ve added to your ecommerce site, you’ll want to branch out beyond pure selling. Talk about your company, your customers, or anything that pertains to your business, and you might interest prospective and current buyers.

By being active on your social media pages, you’ll put a human face on your ecommerce site. This builds trust and relationships, which is always a boon in the world of sales. Plus, you get the opportunity to showcase your ecommerce goods and their peripheral uses.

Try Contests to Add Excitement and Variety

Looking for a way to add a little oomph to your ecommerce site? Social media contests can be a terrific way to increase traffic to your social media pages, as well as your business’s website. Consider creating a contest using your social media platform. You might ask people to upload images and link to your webpages. You could always just use the contest to collect data such as email addresses and names, which can then be used for future marketing campaigns.

Before you embark on any social media contest, map out your preferred sales funnel. What do you want the contest to achieve, and how will you know it worked? Be very clear in your expectations. That way, you can easily see if you’ve met your goals.

Offer Coupons and Promo Codes Through Social Media

Are you rewarding people who are talking about your ecommerce site on social media? One of the best ways is through special coupons and promo codes. You can even have flash sales, where special codes can be used for a limited period to your followers and supporters.

In general, these types of coupons and promos need to be highly enticing. A mere 2 percent off a total order isn’t going to create much excitement, but free shipping for a day – which might actually cost you less than 2 percent off the total order depending upon your average order – could be enough to get people buying your merchandise.

When All Else Fails … Go to Your Competitors!

As an important reminder, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If you’re feeling low on creativity, simply head to your competitors’ social media sites. See what they’re doing well, and imitate their successes. Doing a bit of competitor research never hurts!

How to Market Your Ecommerce Site on Social Media

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